Reserve fund study – why do you need one?
August 2015

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Ernie Paustian
Ernie Paustian

Reserve fund study – why do you need one?

When we ask Property Managers and Board members why they are having a reserve fund study completed, they will most often say “the last one is 5 years old” or “the Condominium Property Act requires one”.

While both answers are correct, a reserve fund study should provide additional value beyond meeting the requirements of the Act.

One of the goals of a reserve fund study should be to make the job of being a Board member easier. As most Board members would rather avoid the difficult task of voting to levy a special assessment, a good reserve fund plan should provide options that reduce the risk of a special assessment.

The reserve fund study report should provide funding options that allow for needed major repair and replacement expenditures, while again reducing the potential of a special assessment. Contributions should be fair and equitable, balancing the needs of current and future unit owners.

The report should also be used as a time saving tool by the Property Managers and the Board of Directors during the annual budgeting process.

An often forgotten role is involvement of the unit owners in the reserve fund study process. It’s important for unit owners and residents of a condominium complex to contribute their comments and concerns regarding the state of common property. Residents can often assist in identifying minor building issues that aren’t readily apparent, before they become significant problems.

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