Information Overload
June 2014

June 2014 – Hockey is over for the year and the FIFA World Cup is well underway. Thankfully the World Cup only happens every 4 years…

Had a great time in Halifax for Appraisal Institute of Canada Conference and I thoroughly enjoyed my first trip to the east coast.
About the same time, I was also fortunate to have an interview published in the AIC - Canadian Property Valuation Magazine

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Ernie Paustian
Ernie Paustian

Information Overload

Although I had a great time in Halifax, while I was away our Husky cross Maggi wasn’t quite so fortunate. She somehow managed to injure both rear legs in separate incidents less than two weeks apart.

In between general vet and specialist appointments we did what everyone does today – we researched online for possible treatment solutions and answers to our many questions. Unfortunately after reading all of the information, we had more questions than answers.

Thankfully we were lucky to have been referred to a veterinarian specialist with many years of experience who was able to provide us with what we believe to be the best solution for Maggi. Although there will be about three months of recovery period from surgery for a torn ACL, we are nonetheless thankful that only one knee had to be repaired.

There is a similar amount of information out there when searching for reserve fund providers and of course everyone has an opinion. So how do you choose a provider?

We believe that some of the key points and questions to ask in searching for providers should include:

  1. Determine the portion of the firm’s overall business that is dedicated to reserve fund study preparation.
  2. How long has the firm been providing Reserve Fund Studies?
  3. What are the qualifications of the individual performing the study?
  4. Are you having a specialist complete the study or is one of the junior staff doing most of the work? Insure that the person with the appropriate designation will in fact be performing your study.
  5. Does the provider have adequate insurance coverage, are there any limitations?
  6. Has the provider previously completed similar properties?
  7. Is the provider able to provide options on funding models?
  8. Does the planner keep current with changes in the industry as well as the legal and legislative and technical updates that occur? Is the planner invested and actively involved with various industry associations and organizations?

We hope that you find the information useful and that it assists in choosing the reserve fund planner with the best fit for you and your clients.

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. At Delta Appraisal, we work with Property Managers and Board Members to set realistic budgets and to prioritize maintenance and repair projects. Our functional Reserve Fund Studies are unbiased. We are not competitors in property management or maintenance.

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