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September 2015

Condominium News

Insights into the apartment condominium market in eight large Canadian metropolitan areas (PDF). This report offers an in-depth analysis of the condominium market for eight large Canadian census metropolitan areas (CMAs). The report covers a wide range of condominium statistics, such as starts, completions, absorptions and prices.

Beware of who you rent to: What landlords can do to avoid tenants from hell. Tenants from hell. Waterloo property manager Ho Tek knows how ugly it can get.

Unauthorized expense likely not worth fighting.
Strata corporations seem to have a serious misunderstanding of the purpose of the depreciation report. The report itself does not give the strata corporation authority to proceed with a project. The report is a planning tool that enables the strata to identify future estimated costs, the time period when work should be considered and when they will need to go to their owners to get approval for projects.

Condo smarts: No means no for common property changes. Many owners are under the false impression that they own their decks or patios as part of their strata lot because they are common property. They do not.

Training and events

Winterizing your Condo - Canadian Condominium Institute Luncheon. Whether you live in a townhome or apartment style condo, there are number of tasks that should be completed around your building  before the white stuff decides to stick around for good. Suggestions for common areas as well as individual units will be discussed to give your Board and Owners a heads up prior to hunkering down for the winter.

Condo 101 - An Introductory course for Condo board members and owners. This introductory course will assist Condominium Board Members understand their roles and obligations to better serve their complex. We will cover the basics of Board Governance, Financial and Maintenance responsibilities as well as common legal obligations.

ACR Conference 2015
This conference is designed for everyone that deals with condominiums. An owner, a relator or manager would find lots of useful information during our educational sessions.

Buildex Calgary
Join over 4,000 industry professionals for 2 full days of professional development seminars, networking opportunities and discover hundreds of products or services for your business all under one roof.

Curious about the Civil Resolution Tribunal?

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